Latest update: site improvements, marketing and suggestions

So, it turns out I’m not such a good blogger. Maybe eventually I’ll get more into it, but I like to focus more on improving and marketing the site than blogging.

We continue focusing on marketing the site. The site is doing better and better daily. Word is getting out that there’s no reason to pay for a job posting when you can post for free.

We’ve worked hard to improve the job posting and resume submission forms. I realize that our resume upload forms are not like other sites. Other sites let you just throw up your resume and send it out as fast as possible. We make you import the resume. The reason we do this is to make it as searchable as possible for employers. If anyone has a technical solution for importing a Word document into a MySQL database, please drop me a line.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the site, please post it here:

How To Follow More Than 2000 People On Twitter

My first twitter account was suspended because I tried following too many people at one time.  It’s still suspended as far as I know. So, I moved on to my next account, my personal account

I started following users on twitter related to my field of jobs, employment, finding work, job boards and things along those lines.  Everything was going great until I got to the 2000 follow limit and then all of a sudden I couldn’t follow more than 2000 people.  I searched on Google and no one seemed to give a straight answer.  Well, I’m going to tell you what it is.

Simply you have to increase the amount of people following you. That’s it. No rocket science here.  Basically my strategy for getting more people to follow me was to follow them.  Most people if you follow them will follow you back (if not, unfollow them so you can follow people who will also follow you back).  Unless you’re Ivanka Trump or some other famous person, I’ve noticed in order to get followers you need to follow others and they will follow you back.

However, when you get to 2000 people you’re following Twitter will cap you and not allow you to follow more users unless they’re following you.  It happened naturally. Because I was following so many people and they were following me, I just had to wait a week or so and then once I had about 1850 followers, I could follow more people and get more followers and so and well you get the idea.

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We’ve expanded to Canada and the UK

More coming soon on this, but we’ve expanded to Canada and the UK.  The new sites will be fully functional in a few days.

The Canadian site will be at

The UK site will be at

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101 Ways To Find A Job

To help you find a job, we’ve compiled a list of “101 Ways To Find A Job“.  The list is at:

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Find Jobs on Twitter

We have been posting new jobs to to Twitter.  You can find the jobs at

If you’re interested in finding a job on Twitter, please check out our jobs page on Twitter.

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Free Job Postings for all, forever!

If you didn’t know already, our site is 100% free.  I promise never to charge to post jobs or resumes.  So, if you have a job, there are a lot of highly motivated and talented employees waiting to apply for it.  Please post your job to the site for free.  After all, this is a free job board.

It costs nothing and with our traffic increasing monthly, you’re sure to get applicants.

You can signup for a free account by going to

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Resume copy/upload script sucks. I know.

We had a great day traffic-wise yesterday, 18,596 visitors.  Thank you everyone for coming to the site.

However, I got a lot of hate mail from users who told me the resume copy/upload script sucks. I know.

First of all, I’ve known this for a long time and I’ve just put it off to work on other parts of the site.

I’ve now made it a priority.  The problem is this, the site is on a Linux server and most people have their resumes in Microsoft Word.  I have not found a solution yet to parse the text from a Word document and put it into our MySQL database.  The solution I came up with is to have the user define which sections of the resume are which by drag and dropping them over to the site.

It’s a pain to do.  I know. It takes time and the dragging and dropping isn’t so easy to use.

If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments.  I would love to hear what my users have to say.

In the meantime, I’ll look into finding another solution and you should use the “step by step” or “LinkedIn import” both of which work great.

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Fixing bugs

We’ve been spending the past few months.  So far, so good.  We’ve found A LOT of bugs on the site.  Afterall, we built this site from scratch.  But slowly we’ve been finding them and fixing them.

We also got listed on, and we have a feed of our new jobs going to Twitter.  You can see them at

The site is moving along nicely.  If you have any suggestions you can make them at

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Over 100,000 jobs posted so far!

I’m very happy to say that the site is growing nicely.  There’s always the problem of the “chicken and the egg” with a site like this.  You need jobs to attract jobseekers and you need jobseekers to attract employers.  I realized early on that I had to focus on getting jobs on the site.  At this point we have over 100,000 jobs and it’s growing every day.

One reader of this blog asked me if these were real jobs.  They are real jobs from real companies that want to post on  They are not from 

Now, ironically, I have to find people who want these jobs!  One step at a time.

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